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The Eldora Purpose

Real chocolate today is becoming a scarce resource.  The industry is facing constant pressure to cut costs, add lower quality or harmful ingredients...

  • We do not agree to follow this crowd
  • We think there is a better way
  • We think it’s tough to find real ingredients that retain healthy benefits.  We are committed to finding them, no matter the time or cost
  • We follow a non-conventional process in creating our craft chocolate and we strongly believe that it will be you, with the most discriminating tastes, that will allow us to perfect it.
  • We intend to have fun in creating your culinary delights and welcome your feedback in exploring new tastes, textures, and aromas to please your refined palate.
  • We will only produce the very best products, held to the highest standards.  This means we will discard finished products that hit their expiration dates, or experience a drop in their ultimate flavor profile.  Best eaten by date is intended to put a shelf limit for maximum taster enjoyment.

A percentage of all profits go to support Kiva, Heirloom Cacao Project & Rainforest Project.