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The Chocolate Maker Is In

Posted on June 07 2018, By: Jamie Rushad Gros

The Chocolate Maker Is In

On Wednesday 6/6/2018 Eldora opened our doors for our friends and family launch! Thank you to everyone that showed your support and tried our chocolate. We were blown away by your kindness.

Eldora started with the intention to create a unique experience in flavor. Chocolate that transcends the status quo and challenges the notion that chocolate is simply candy. Our founder Steve Prickett set off on a chocolate making journey that did just that. Through hard work and determination, we built our flavor profile, the menu, the brand, the building and our team. We’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by good people to help us along the way.

If you come in to Eldora, you’ll meet our team. Everyone is eager to help, educate and serve you. Because after all what’s an amazing piece of chocolate if it doesn’t have someone to enjoy it? Since day one our mission has been to create chocolate that feeds your soul. There’s a wonderful quote by Emily Dickinson, “the soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” We aim to create an ecstatic experience with our chocolate.

Here’s a few highlights from our friends and family launch. We hope your experience was met with wonder and delight.

Eldora’s first customer! Thanks to elflexitarianfoodie for sharing your experience on Instagram. 


Eldora’s Anthony and Steve hanging our “Now Open” banner.


Eldora’s Founder and Chocolate Maker, Steve Prickett


Eldora is now open for business, check our Location page for hours and directions