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Experience Eldora

Experience the Flavor of Eldora

Chocolate this fresh will change the way you taste

When chocolate is brought to you straight from the bean with no preservatives or unnatural ingredients the flavor is astoundingly different. We invite you to experience Eldora Chocolate in a way you may have never tasted chocolate before. This experience will leave you satisfied with a lingering flavor that will satiate your body and soul.

  • Step One: Allow your chocolate to come to room temperature
  • Step Two: Select a chocolate with the lowest percentage of cacao first if you are enjoying multiple varieties.
  • Step Three: Break off a small piece and place it on the back of your tongue (where the majority of your taste buds are).
  • Step Four: Savor the flavor as the chocolate melts in your mouth. Notice the cascading of flavor experiences (not unusual to taste nutty, fruity, smokey, caramel, bold, sweetness, and more).
  • Step Five: Don't immediately grab another piece. As you finish wait for the lingering flavor as it rolls over the tongue and into your whole body.  Because we use real ingredients the lingering flavor will be brighter and more satisfying than factory chocolate.
  • Step Six: Cleanse your palette with some water, bread, or a neutral food.
  • Step Seven: Repeat moving to the higher percentage cacao flavor chocolates.
  • Step Eight: Smile.