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    Our Eldora single origin chocolate bars have been crafted from cacao beans to completed bars using 100% natural and organic ingredients. 

    Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 70%- Kokoa Kamili is a central fermentary based in Tanzania. They currently work with over 2,000 smallholder farmers, most of whom farm between 0.5-2 acres of cocoa. Kokoa Kamili pays a premium well above the market rate to farmers for their wet cocoa, and conducts its own fermentation and drying. By taking over the fermentation and drying process, Kokoa Kamili can produce more consistently higher quality cocoa beans. 

    Dominican Republic Zorzal 70%-The flavor of cherry comes charging out of the gate with the cherry liquor Kirsch right on its heels.  Overall it is a low acidity, or maybe it is simply that the fruit is so high that is seems lower than it is. The cherry is tart cherry.  Once all that starts to fade away there are touches of apricots and peach.

    Guatemala Polochic 70%- Farmers of this delicious bean live in 35 communities though out the Polochic valley. This valley is one of the hottest micro climates in Guatemala gives the beans a unique flavor profile with balanced notes of nutty, caramel chocolate flavor to delight your palette.

    Madagascar Lazan'ny 70%The island has some outstanding cocoa genetics. Yet to enable UCLS to enter the international fine flavour market, improvements were needed. Not much effort went into the fermentation and drying of the cocoa beans before, as middlemen would take up the beans regardless of quality. Putting in this effort, however, is key to ensuring that the cocoa reaches its full potential and will interest premium chocolate makers like us. Super bright red fruits and strangely not much else. Bright red fruits from the beginning and then soft melt into some cocoa and bitterness with a continued acidic flair. Finish is fruity & distinct.

    Uganda Bundibgyo 70%- The organic cacao is grown in the Bundibugyo District of Uganda which is at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda, bordering DR Congo.The altitude ranges from 1100m on the mountain slopes to 700m in the Semliki Valley. Fermentation is done in the traditional way, either in banana leaves inside the houses or in the hollowed out tree trunks. Itʼs a full flavored chocolate with more of your traditional chocolate notes which include caramel and apricot.

    Mexico Chiapas 70%- An enchanting place to visit for a lot of reasons, but at the top of the list for gastronomes are chocolate. This is a land that grows cocoa beans used since the Aztec and Maya times, plus it grows some of the most distinctive chocolate in the world, you know it when you taste it.




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